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The final product is spot on. Taught in a seminar format, the class will be both reading- and writing-intensive. By moving thematically through the roles of both K and higher education, this course will examine the processes through which a wide array of social functions moved into the school system, and the modern U.

It also considers the rivalry and relationship between Congress and the President. Educators All Levels — Elementary through College.

In this course, students will engage in meaningful discussion of controversial, challenging, and divisive issues in society related to race, ethnicity, and religion. Baseball in Chicago America's favorite pastime runs strong in Chicago.

Modern America America's response to industrialism and its changing role in foreign affairs. House of Representatives and the Senate. Please note that personal details such as names may be altered at the request of our customers Shop Our Store. Nozipo Maraire, Edward P. We study the models of foreign policy making in the area of national security, the world economy, international law and human rights, and the global environment.

And yet, this is not the first time this has happened. The primary goal of the concentration in reading is to prepare students for leadership and lifelong learning in the field of literacy education. This course examines the basic operations, structure, power dynamics, and politics of the U.

African Politics A survey of the geography, social and political history, and postindependent politics of Black Africa. Just a heads up. Students will be exposed to various stages of artifact processing on a collection from a recently excavated site, including: Constitution intended the executive to be the weaker branch of the national government.

With a special focus on Chicago's African American environmental culture and a field study to the city's South Side, an interdisciplinary approach will examine sources as diverse as slave narratives, fiction, poetry, songs, photographs, maps, and ethnographies, and we will consider African American intellectuals, writers, visual and musical artists, and everyday citizens not always associated with environmental thought, from W.

We will study mainly historical, political, and literary texts, especially first-person, nonfiction texts like letters, speeches, essays, and autobiographies in verse and prose.

You must submit your hours at least 10 days prior to the date you wish to renew online. Literature of the Vietnam War This course examines the Vietnam War as refracted through various literary genres.

By combining environmental studies and anthropology, we will bring a unique perspective to our study of the historical interaction of African cultures and environments, from pre-colonial times through the colonial period to the current post-colonial period. Why do courts, when confronted with allegations or proof of racially motivated police misconduct, overwhelmingly cite "harmless error" doctrine?

We compare American Geographies with other Geographies of the world European and Chinese to understand these American spatial experiences.

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Black Metropolis Black Metropolis: Examination of the ways that 'natural' forces helped shape American history; the ways human beings have altered and interacted with nature over time; and the ways cultural, philosophical, scientific, and political attitudes towards the environment have changed in the course of American history, pre-history to the present.

How do these depictions impact the way people see African Americans and how African Americans see themselves? We focus on both neighborhoods and sacred spaces themselves, including the architectural forms of these spaces. The doctoral program with a concentration in reading will emphasize the importance of incorporating intervention strategies as a means of identifying reading deficiencies and implementing the proper remedial tools.

History This course examines historical instances of policing, inequality, and protest, including mobs in the American Revolution, abolitionist direct actions, the terror of the Klu Klux Klan, sit-ins against Jim Crow, protest against military action, and the BlackLivesMatter movement.

A major element of this course will involve viewing Disney films and analyzing critically based on the lenses mentioned above.

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No prior knowledge of music or film history is necessary. We will explore questions such as: Students should anticipate frequent field trips. History of Hip Hop This course examines the history of hip hop, dating back to the first hip hop party held on August 11, in the Bronx, New York to its present standing as a critical component of popular culture around the world.Save 10% on up to 6 classes with the promo code FALL Watch on your computer, phone or tablet.

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