Promote effective interactions with children and young people

Respect is a main similarity as both children and adults deserve this. These students still need to be given the chance to speak out in order to gain more confidence and become comfortable in doing discussions and answering questions.

I would set a good example by listening to the teacher when she is explaining a lesson, I will put books away tidily and carefully, soon the children will notice and start doing the same which is good behaviour.

Both adults and children may suffer with a lack of confidence issue. Task 2 links to learning outcome 3, assessment criteria 3. For example this can be done by asking them to copy what you have said to them.

We need to give them the time they need to complete the work or the extra equipment or support they may need. Individuals with special needs: You are the practitioner in this case and you will need to give detailed information on procedures to follow according to your settings policies and procedures.

Children are very impressible and will copy and take in everything we do. Issues can be solved at a later time, the best way to do this is to let the pupil know the time and place the discussion will take place.

They could happen at any time of the school day. Choose Type of service. If we have a positive attitude for example being chatty, showing an interest in a pupil and having a friendly appearance and very smiley.

At this stage they will start understanding bigger words but will still need some explained. To be a good teaching assistant and a good role model I think the main thing for us is being passionate about helping the children grow and become respectful people.

It will be important from the very beginning of your relationship with parents, there is an understanding and they can tell you something in confidence.

Describe How Own Behaviour Could Promote Effective Interactions

Disagreements do occur in the workplace but they need to be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Different values and ideas: Teenagers will become shy and nervous when having to speak out in front of people due to them being worried what people will think and be embarrassed if they get it wrong.

This school work by using an incentive scheme, every child is given a reward chart and if the child does well they can earn the chance to move up and gain stickers and stamps as a way of rewarding them.

Describe How Own Behaviour Could Promote Effective Interactions

Communication difficulties that may exist are children being at a much different age therefore they might find it difficult to understand or think of a correct response and being unable to communicate and let me know if they do not understand leaving them unsure on what to do for their work.

According to the schools policy for positive behavior the school set certain rules for the children to follow for example: We may need to find assistance as some children may not want to listen to you and talk it out.

Different values and ideas: To get a respectful relationship the best approach is to make all children aware that we need to work together and understand that all children have different needs, strengths and abilities and everyone will get help with everything they need.

Every child or adult has a different personality and we need to understand and respect this and different ways of doing tasks and communicating maybe be needed.

Communicating with children, young people and adults in an educational environment is an important part of a professional relationship. When working in the school environment we are closely watched by the pupils and need to be there as good roles models.

So on the other end of the scale if we have a negative attitude towards children like a bad attitude, not paying attention and being loud and demanding. To raise your awareness of these areas: If the matter is discussed, they will realise for themselves what is the right answer. We have to be very clear and understanding when speaking to children, we need to keep it simple and easy to take in.

Some discussions may need to be dealt with in private rather than in front of the class. Depending on the circumstances of the problem not all of the problems have to be solved straight away as we have to be able to devote enough time to solving the issue.

A main cause of disagreements between the practitioner and other adults is down too miscommunication, so we should solve the issues at hand immediately and come to an agreement on how to solve the miscommunications also we need to realize that every person is entitled to an opinion and we have to respect this.

Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults Essay - Paper Example Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults Essay - Part 2 1.

At this age all students have different personalities and are individual so we have to respect this and support them in being who they are in order for them to grow in to confident, respectful people. To raise your awareness in this area: State the communication levels for each age range and how you will need to adapt communication.

The more we work with people the more understanding we can give to them and realize when people n eed extra help or someone to talk to. One off the children had hit the other child in the face, I did witness the altercation so I knew exactly what happened.

At this age we still need to get down to their level so we are less intimidating and they know we are willing to listen and cooperate in helping them with all that they need help with.

The best way to sort this is to find the area of concern and discuss with the people involved the way to solve this. This would mainly only be beneficial to the older student as the younger students may find it difficult and get distracted easily.This unit provides the knowledge and understanding that underpins effective interactions with children and young people • Promoting positive behaviour NOS can viewed on the relevant Sector Skills Council’s website or the Occupational.

Question: TDA Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults Level 2 certificate Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools • Promote effective interactions with children and young people.

Unit cache 1. Unit Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults 2. Outcome One Know how to interact with and respond to children and young people. As a teaching assistant you need to be yourself around the children as well as be a responsible adult, using my own behavior can promote effective interactions with children and young people because it can create a more fun relationships and the children will do more for you as they feel like they can trust and they know you, so they will.

CY Support positive attachments for children and young people. Outcome 1- Understand the importance of positive attachment for the well being of children and young people 1 summarise theories of attachment Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space (Ainsworth, ; Bowlby, ).

– promote effective interactions with children and young people – impact negatively on interactions with children and young people. Our own behavior can impact both negatively and positively on a child or young people.

Promote effective interactions with children and young people
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