Hourglass style news writing and reporting

For purposes of the profile assignment in SMPA W, you will select a subject whom you will be able to interview and thus use the interview techniques you learned earlier in the course.

While disasters come unexpectedly, be prepared nevertheless. Ten guidelines for writing news: In this format it is considered the body of the story. Every story unfolds in a different way.

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As the couple's problems escalated, the Department of Children and Family Services stepped in. This is the information that the readers need to know.

The Washington Post lead: Police later drove them to Memorial Regional Hospital to be with their mother. But journalists, like all writers, sometimes rely on tried-and-true forms and formulas: The main points of the lecture: It wasn't the news; it was the way the news was being told.

Put the development into your lead paragraph and then go on to write the rest of the story. Police shot and killed a year-old Davie man after he disregarded their orders to drop his knife. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. It is important to remember to how to best get the information across from to the reader.

At all times, the course stresses the importance of the most essential requirements of our profession: Here is where you expand on the lead and provide background as needed so that your readers gain a better understanding of the news and its implications.

Understand the fundamentals of libel. The case was brought by L. Tying the reporting, as well as the writing, to the form lends a discipline and focus that produce better stories. Finally, the third step is a chronological conclusion and this is the narrative story telling piece.

Starts with an anecdotal lead, the body is arranged by topic, with each topic leading to the next, and an ending related to the lead.News Writing Language and Style Explores the specifics of print journalism style — from the AP to Rolling Stone magazine — focusing on accuracy and detail, enlivened by humor as Dave Barry and other writers confess their language sins and steer tomorrow's.

The Body of a News Story. Posted on September 29, by heklos The next method of writing is the hourglass style. This style has three parts. Bender, John R., et al. Reporting for the Media.

Tenth Edition. New York, NY: Oxford Press, Print. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. A form of reporting that involves readers in planning the news based on their concerns.

It is an attempt to make readers care about their community and the news coverage. The concept of public journalism has evolved into a movement called CITIZEN journalism. Sep 30,  · WHAT IS THE HOURGLASS FORMAT? This style is typical of scholarly writing, in contrast to journalistic writing in which the reader is led from point to point without an overview (Axelrod and Cooper ).

The purpose of journalistic writing is to entertain and inform.

The Body of a News Story

Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment. SubmitStatus: Resolved. The hourglass is a form that satisfies editors who prefer a traditional approach to news writing as well as impatient readers who tire easily of leisurely approaches to stories that take forever.

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hourglass style. a style of writing in which the major news of a story is reported in the first few paragraphs and then a transitional paragraph introduces a chronology of the events of the story. News Writing and Reporting Exam 1. 66 terms. AP Style Book.

22 terms. AP Style L-N.

The Body of a News Story

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Hourglass style news writing and reporting
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